5 reasons finance isn’t just about “tax time” and why your business needs a Finance Business Partner

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Your business is growing. There are not enough hours in the day. While you spent an hour trying to work out why your bank balance didn’t reconcile or building a spreadsheet that models different ‘cost prices’ against different suppliers. Could your time have been better spent doing something else? Developing new products or services, sales or just getting some well earnt Netflix (or sleep) time?

How to Transition From Sole Trader to Company (Without Screaming!)

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Alright business superstar. Yes, you over there, the one with the business that’s ready to put on its big boss panties and become a… wait for it… company! Yes sista, it’s not just you anymore. You’re levelling up and doing the bad b*tch work that’ll send your business to new heights. Goodbye sole trader, hello company. This is the business structure equivalent to a big flashing neon sign that says ‘level up’. You’ve made it, now let’s do this – scream free.

Do You Need an Accountant as a Sole Trader? (Yes, You Do!)

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You’ve got your business pants on, you’re firing out invoices or applauding in sales notifications like a pro, you’re working on your own schedule and taking no prisoners when it comes to crushing it. Yeah baby, you’re in business. But wait, what’s that? Oh tax time is coming? Yuhuh it is. So, hey you. Yes you there, superstar sole trader. Have you partnered with an accountant that gets you, or are you facing tax time alone?

Do you need a financial coach?

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Is your business ready to get to the next level but not quite sure how to navigate through all of the financials? Or are looking for investors and need to fine-tune your finance processes, streamline to make sure everything is 100%? You may need a financial coach.

What business structure is right for you?

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Ok, so we know talking about business structures can be a bit boring…hello are you still awake? But seriously though, we wanted to give you guys the facts about different business structures, the pros and cons to help inform you of which may suit you and your business a little better.

5 things to check before June 30

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Ok, so the clocks ticking, and before you know it, it’s tax time again, and your accountant is hassling you for so many things you don’t even know where to start.

Is your eCommerce store the right structure?

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Are you building your eCommerce empire and not sure if you’re finances are set up correctly? Maybe you’re not sure if you have the best options or saving the most money with your money set up? Or are you looking to expand and sell your products overseas? Then, check out our top tips on setting up the right structure for your eCommerce store.

Do your suppliers charge GST?

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Are you trying to reconcile your invoices and get super lost with currencies and whether a company charges GST or not?