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Hi, we're Jaimie and Liv.
CFO, Profit coach and financial therapists. gif maker 1

Ignoring the bills ain't new, but let's take money off mute.

Years of corporate accounting showed us how often financially-avoidant we are, so we set off to help small businesses grow through simple tools and open conversation.

From our signature 0 to CFO Course for beginners who want to DIY money, gain financial literacy and grow their business. To a complete and Tax, Accounting and bookkeeping solution Bloom is everything you’ve been looking for to support your business.

We make money
go down like wine.

Let’s talk money. How to spend it, how to save it, how to have enough to pay your staff. Finances can actually be fine for once, if we become fine talking about them.
So grab a wine, we got you.

Been there,
Stressed about that

As business owners ourselves, we know the time, stress and emotional eating that goes into building something from scratch — but traditional business models don’t.

We take a modern approach to accounting that changes as business demands do. Yep, accommodating and accounting just got used in the same sentence. There’s a first for everything.

Are you ready to level-up your numbers game?