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BLOOM money offers accounting for independent and ambitious people living in the 21st century. A modern, progressive accounting firm that has your back.

We've seen one too many business owners sweep their finance woes under the rug: they've never learned the financial basics of running a business, they don't understand how to track (or grow) money and they can't afford to hire an employee to do it for them. So, they put on their sunglasses, cross the street, and hope their finances don't recognise them.

As a result, we offer flexible and tailored solutions so these business owners can get on top of their money, get some sleep, and achieve wealth, in a way that works for them.


The Finance Team

Our signature dish. Engage BLOOM as your 'outsourced finance team, right hand (wo)man, advisor and Financial Business Partner. Whether you need help budgeting your ' fun money' so it lasts all weekend or just someone to translate your numbers to english.

Let us do what we are good at so you can get time back to do what you're good at.

BLOOM are your complete Money Managers!

"Be your own CFO"

Wearing all the hats of your business? Learn the best way to run and manage the finances from the people live and breath numbers for a living.


You'll leave feeling super confident about:

   + What to do day-to-day

   + How to set financial targets 

   + Set bite-sized goals based          on what YOU want to earn. 


Obviously, there will be like minded business owners + wine!

Financial goals & Planning session

Looking to get a solid budget and cashflow system in place for your business? Book a planning session with us and we'll chat all things money. The best ways to count it, make it and spend it tailored to your business.


This session is best for any business looking to build a solid financial cashflow and budget. Be fully in control of their business money so important decisions can be made in line with your financial goals.

With one Financial year end around the corner and a new one around the corner let us help you plan and kick your financial goals this year.

"I have been working with the girls from BLOOM money since day 1. They look after everything from invoicing and payroll to tax structures and company set up! Their service is so unique, I have never had an Accountant who was 100% committed to our business succeeding!  They genuinely care, visit us in our office to understand first hand what we do and meet up with us each quarter to tell us anything we need to know. Now our turnover is exceeding a million dollars a year."

Telco Startup

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We totally get it, sometimes meeting your Accountant increases your heart rate as much as meeting your in-laws. But we promise it doesn't have to be like that. Let us know how we can help your business kick some goals this year!


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