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The internet would have you believing we wear knitted-vests and spill coffee on ourselves.
In reality, it’s wine. gif maker

Numbers have been our bread, butter and love, all our lives.

But the rigidness of traditional accounting always seemed to force a mould onto the modern business world that didn’t fit. We wanted to create a space for these businesses.
Something easy, personal and transparent; challenging every business owner’s perception of how finances work, and how accountants can work for them.

We believe conversations around money are fraught, and financial literacy has become an assumed-knowledge, not an acquired one. And we get it — it’s daunting to learn something new, or ask for help when you’re running a business and running out of excuses to put yourself first.

We’ve been there and we’re here to help.

We want to encourage more people to talk about the numbers (they’re not dirty). We want you to ask the question you feel nervous to ask (it’s never silly). And we want to be by your side, helping you grow the business you want with confidence, clarity, control, (and a cheeky glass of red in hand).

Because we’re accountants… just not the ones you’re used to.

Specialties & Skills
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• 16 years combined accounting experience

• Experience across 7 corporate sectors

• 86 small businesses and start-ups helped

• Bookkeeping

• Start-up finance process

• Finance strategy budgeting

• Cashflow advice and management

• Review of financial processes

• End of month processes



The Rosé Drinker

Jaimie has 10 years experience up her sleeve as a Finance Business Partner and Management Accountant in the corporate world for a whole range of industries from Hotels to pharmaceuticals, throughout Australia, USA and Europe.

Before you ask, yes, she is the type who spreadsheets every detail of every holiday for fun and has a list for everything.

Any spare time you will find her hanging out with the little fam or listening to (nerdy) podcasts like ‘How I Built This’ and ‘Business Wars’.

Bloom Money is her 5th business launch to date (if you count a ‘dog walking’ side hustle from uni). Hopefully her passion for small business and start-ups speaks for itself.



Prefers a Moscato

Liv is the Tax & Compliance Enthusiast who loves making sure everything is looking 100/10 for the Tax Man.
Unsurprisingly, she was the accounting dux at uni.

A natural with numbers, Liv lives for the detail and likes to make sure everything is accounted for through clear systems and effective strategies.

Outside of excel, Liv is the girl at the cafe patting everyone’s puppy, with a caramel cap in hand.

Actual quals include working in big smoke Brissy at a mid-tier firm, learning everything about tax, tax structures, virtual CFOs and international tax.

Are you ready to level-up your numbers game?