Do you need a financial coach?

Is your business ready to get to the next level but not quite sure how to navigate through all of the financials? Or are looking for investors and need to fine-tune your finance processes, streamline to make sure everything is 100%? You may need a financial coach.

But firstly, what is a financial coach?

At Bloom Money, a financial coach is your money guru. Our team support you with your financial questions, concerns and goals every month.

What does a financial coach do?

Essentially we help you make more money. A bit like a CFO supports their CEO in a large business we ensure the numbers are accurate, find savings and help you focus on the things that are actually going to make you more money that you can actually keep. A financial coach guides you on all things finance.

We’ll catch up monthly to talk about your business money. This is your chance to tick off the financial tasks that you may not want to do on your own, or you just need a little extra support from a fully certified CA/CPA accountant. Think profit targets, budgets, BAS statements, pay runs or how to attract investors, we are here for it!

The best thing about having us as your Financial Coach? We’ll keep you accountable and on track to kicking financial goals this year!

Do I need a financial coach?

This is of course your personal preference, however if you’re too busy with the “doing” of running your start-up business and don’t have the time to strategise and plan financial goals, this is where we come in. We take the stress out of making money. We avoid financial jargon and give you the facts on what you and your business need to do to have a positive cash flow and essentially make money.

When you book a Bloom Money Financial Coach you get:

1. 6 x monthly one-on-one Accounting advice

2. A monthly call to go over your monthly financial position and any numbers questions you’ve saved up for us

3. A follow-up email with all advice and recommendations covered during our session- including extra links and resources (so you don’t forget anything)

Are you interested to know more?

We have offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast however we service clients virtually from anywhere in the world. So whether you are local or global, we would love to learn more about your money goals. Let’s book a 15-minute chat here.

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Are you ready to level-up your numbers game?